Florence Nightingale Comes Home for 2020
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As part of the project we are organising two series of events: academic workshops with a historical focus, and discussion forums for nurses and others interested in contemporary nursing and care practices, using Nightingale's life and ideas as a starting point. 

In 2020, a travelling exhibition will commence at the Lakeside Arts Centre at the University of Nottingham - watch this space for updates. 


Next workshop 27 January 2020 - 'The Home in Modern History and Culture' - registration now open!

2020 Workshop - 'The Home in Modern History and Culture'

Our second workshop explores the theme of Home and its applicability as a prism through which to understand historical and cultural change.

The case of Florence Nightingale demonstrates the richness and elasticity of the term ‘home’. Home for Nightingale meant variously a childhood sanctuary, a prison, a site for sanitary reform, a communal place for nurses to live and study, a spiritual refuge - even death. 

For this workshop, we are seeking contributions from a range of periods and locations. Papers are invited from specialists in history, literature, geography, architecture, material culture, or other scholars with new/distinctive perspectives on the history and culture of the home.

Please visit the event page if you would like to know more!

2019 Workshop - 'Locating Health'

Our first workshop, entitled 'Locating Health' and focusing on regional histories of health in the period 1800-1948, took place on 11 January 2019 at the University of Nottingham. If you are interested to find out more about the contents, you can read the review of the day published on the medical humanities website thepolyphony.org. The conference website and call for papers are archived in the University's website. 

Future workshops will be advertised via our blog page, so please do sign up for updates

Nursing Discussion Forums

Our first discussion forum took take place on 23 September 2019, on the theme of creative reflection in nursing. This was run in conjunction with the UNESCO Nottingham City of Literature programme and the Royal Literary Fund, and linked up with the University of Nottingham’s Graduate Entry nursing programme. 

We are planning to make one of the sessions from the day, a talk by the writer and nurse Molly Case (author of the new book How to Treat People), available online. Look out for updates on our blog

We will be holding further events in 2020 - look out for updates here and on our blog.   


Wood engraving of the kitchen camp of chef Alexis Soyer in the Crimean War. Soyer is shown in a beret in discussion with a French General while soldiers cook in the background.

'Soyer's Kitchen Camp', wood engraving, first printed in the Illustrated London News, 1855. Wellcome Collection, Creative Commons licence  CC BY 4.0.




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Team Present at International Health Humanities Conference

02 - 04/08/2018
Three members of the research team presented early findings at the 2018 International Health Humanities Network Conference in Southampton

*Project Event* Workshop, Friday 11 January 2019, University of Nottingham

University of Notingham
Locating Health: Regional Historical Perspectives on Human Care 1800-1948. This one-day workshop seeks to bring together researchers with an interest in the history and representations of healthcare, medicine, nursing, hospitals, and public health in the UK between 1800 and 1948, with a particular focus on local and regional histories.

Florence Nightingale Service in Derbyshire

St Peter's Church
Derbyshire celebration of Nightingale
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Florence Nightingale Comes Home for 2020
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