Florence Nightingale Comes Home for 2020

Florence Nightingale at Home - Mini-lectures from our book research

Since 2018 the project team has been working on a new book, Florence Nightingale at Home, which will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in October 2020. It is available to preorder via the following links:

The book uses the theme of home as a way in to approaching various aspects of Nightingale's life and work. 'Home' was a key concept in Victorian Britain, and it affected the way Nightingale thought about nursing, healthcare, spirituality, the British Empire, marriage and much else besides. 

The four talks here give a flavour of our approach - and of the many fascinating nuggets of information contained in the book! A version of these talks was first presented at the 'Florence 2020' nursing history conference held in Florence, Italy, in February.




Nightingale Before the Crimea




Dr Richard Bates introduces Nightingale's childhood homes - and her struggle to leave them behind.




Health at Home



Dr Jonathan Memel discusses Nightingale's relationship to ordinary people's houses, through the practice of health visiting and her book Notes on Nursing. 




Nightingale (not quite) at Home with India 




Dr Anna Greenwood examines Nightingale's "bedroom imperialism" in her work on India - and its limits





Nightingale's Spiritual Home



Professor Paul Crawford explores Nightingale's "households fo faith" and the role of faith and spirituality in her later life.





Florence Nightingale Comes Home for 2020
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